Pro-abortion rights protestors block Lansing Fourth of July parade, ending event

The Lansing Fourth of July parade ended Monday after pro-abortion rights protestors started walking the parade route.

Protestors were gathered at the Capitol. As the parade started, they moved to the streets and some blocked the parade route.

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"We saw a couple different, four different people or groups go through, then the protestors started, and it took several minutes for them to go through, and after that, that was it. The parade was done," said Jill Higgins, who attended the parade. "It was really a disappointment for us today to come all the way up from Jackson and not have the chance to enjoy the parade with our grandchildren."

City officials said they were disappointed, but that the decision was made to cancel due to safety.

Numerous protests have been held around the country after the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

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