Pro-life pregnancy center in Eastpointe vandalized; board member's home also targeted

Over the weekend, vandals spray-painted hate-filled messages onto a pro-life pregnancy center and onto a board member's home.

"I realized it was a well-thought-out effort to intimidate us," said Nancy Anter, the executive director of Pregnancy Aid Detroit.

The graffiti was discovered on the building located in Eastpointe after the home of one of the nonprofit's board members in Grosse Pointe Woods was also vandalized.

"Well, I found out about the board member's graffiti first… and because it was personal and implied violence, that shocked me and made me nervous," said Anter.

The Executive Director says she and her staff will not be intimidated after the vandalism. Their services opened back up Monday morning.

"We have a security guard and we do the best we can to protect the ladies that come through," said Anter. "We do the best we can, but it's a risk."

Eastpointe Police are investigating the incident and tell FOX 2 that federal authorities are assisting them. As for the home in Grosse Pointe Woods, FOX 2 reached out to the police department's Public Safety Director and is still waiting for a response.

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The board member who was targeted did leave FOX 2 a statement that reads: "Although we are shocked and saddened by this attack on our home, we bear no ill will toward the people responsible and pray for them. We hope that the community, through knowledge of the attacks on us and Pregnancy Aid Detroit, will be made more aware of the good work that is done by pregnancy resource centers in non judgmentally responding to the needs of all women who come through their doors."

As the police investigation continues, this center hopes that this hate-filled act will inspire goodwill.

"We need lots of help. We need diapers." said Anter. " We give help to ladies, mostly low income health ladies, with baby stuff, maternity, clothes, baby clothes, formula that everyone is still in need of, diapers that everyone is in need of…"

As for the subject(s) behind this act, the center's executive director makes this clear…

"They don't know us. They've never been here. And they're using the delicate abortion situation to stamp their own feet and bring attention to themselves in a way that's reprehensible," said Anter.

Anyone with information that will help investigators is asked to contact Eastpointe police immediately.

"We're at a point in society we just have to say it's not okay, and I'm gonna stand up and say it's not okay."

Pregnancy Aid Detroit, a pro-life pregnancy center in Eastpointe was targeted this weekend by vandals.