Profane Detroit police confrontation with dancing man caught on camera

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A video is catching fire online after a man known for dancing on sidewalks got a profane tongue-lashing from Detroit police.

The incident happened at Kelly and Moross. Police say they are investigating the tense confrontation in that video, in which the man nearly ended up in jail. 

Detroit police: "Am I not talking to you right now? Then look at me and listen to what the f*** I'm telling you. We're done with this s***. Unless you want to go to jail, don't be out here."

We're told his name is Darius Jones but around there he's known as Detroit Chris Brown, aptly named after the R&B superstar for his smooth moves. Some people in the area FOX 2 spoke to hinted at the man being mentally unstable, while many said he is harmless. 

"He doesn't bother anybody man, actually he's hilarious," said Kareem Witherspoon. "It's entertainment."

You can catch him dancing and crooning on Harper and Cadieux or at Kelly and Moross on Detroit's east side. He's known and loved by many there but there was none lost from police when they caught up with him recently, frustrated over the number of calls they received about his dancing.

Police: "I explained to you already, next time I'm taking that s*** and I'm taking you."

Police: "I talked with your mother and I explained to your mother how I will go after her and charge her if I have to."

"What they going to charge him with? Conspiracy of dancing?" said Jasmine Love.

Those who know Jones say police were out of line.

"I guess they get so many calls like they say so they get irritated," said Tre Taylor. "But that's really no way to talk to a guy that's just dancing on the street."

A guy, friends say, is harmless.

"He wouldn't hurt a fly man," said Ulysses Johnson. "So there's no reason they should've came and been disrespectful to that kid like that."

Police: "I told you to take that s*** downtown. You can do it downtown, not here."

"Alright man, alright," the man said. "I'm just doing something positive, alright."

Police: "No you're doing something negative right now."

DPD say they are investigating the exchange between officers and the man in question.

FOX 2 is told a business owner in the area may have called the police on the man, but as you can hear in the video in the video player above, for as many people who don't care to see him dancing there are just as many people, if not more, who get a kick out of it.