Prosecutor: Pastor waited hour to call 911 after shooting transgender woman

Nearly one month ago a transgender woman was brutally murdered in Detroit.
On Wednesday the suspected killer, a pastor, faced a judge.

"They threw her out, the driver got out and snatched something out of her hand," said a 911 call. "I saw her; she was still breathing."

That call and a surveillance video could play big roles in the case of Kelly Stough, a murdered transgender woman. She was gunned down on Detroit's east side in December after an encounter with Albert Weathers a husband, father and pastor. 

"This is a man who's acting out of concern that he was going to be assaulted with a dangerous weapon himself," said David Cripps, defense attorney. "(He) was trying to confront that person. A person who threatened to flatten tires and smash out the window."

But special prosecutor Jaimie Horowitz says evidence contradicted that claim.

"What you can see from the video is she exits the car, there's no struggle," said Horowitz. "He goes around back and takes something from her. that's what the 911 caller says."

Horowitz says Weathers said he was surprised when he learned Stough had a man's voice after inviting her into his car that early December morning. He also said Weathers waited an hour to call 911 after shooting her. 

"Kelly was a victim in this case," Horowitz said. "The defendant threw her out like trash and left her to die."

Horowitz claims Weathers has a history of dating and being aggressive with transgender sex workers and that one of them is set to testify against him.

Right now Weathers is still behind bars.

Judge Michael Wagner denied the Weathers' request to lower his $1 million bond.

He's due back in court in February.