Protesting the President on Presidents Day

Just days after burying her husband, John Dingell, Rep. Debbie Dingell made a brief appearance at a protest against President Donald Trump.

Dingell appeared briefly and promised to her supporters that she's fighting for them in Washington.

"I really don't have the energy to protest like I would normally - but I wanted to make sure they knew that I would take every ounce of energy to make sure the President doesn't do something that's against the Constitution," Dingell said.

She says it's what she believes in but also because it's what John would have wanted. The Dean of the House and longest-serving member of Congress was laid to rest in Washington last week.

"He would have some great tweets. But he'd also say Deborah, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Get out there and make sure we're holding up the Constitution of the United States," Dingell said.

Chants of 'build bridges not walls' echoed in Ypsilanti, Ferndale, Detroit, and nationwide on Presidents Day, just days after President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to free up billions to fund the border wall he says is badly needed.

"The real national emergency is the children locked up in Texas and in some of the other border towns and no way to get back to their parents," activist Pat Housekeeper said.

Paula Porter was addopted as a child from Colombia. She was among those protesting the President's move, which has many people and politicians divided.

"I was always made to feel welcome in my communities - here in Michigan. I've been all over the state and it's only recently I've felt unwelcomed by people," Porter said.