Protestors rally against ICE deportations downtown Detroit

As dozens of Chaldeans face possible deportation, loved ones and supporters continue to fight for their right to stay in the U.S.

Another protest held outside Detroit's Federal Building, as a lawsuit is filed seeking a temporary stay of deportations.

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They want to put an end to the deportation of Iraqi-American immigrants -- people like Susie David.

Her family is Syrian and her brother came to the U.S when he was 6 years old.

She says he is now facing deportation over a marijuana charge.

"It was just one mistake. One mistake. We are not terrorists, and he did not rape anyone, didn't kill anyone, just a petty crime for the weed," she said.

Nahrain Hamama share's the David family's pain.

Her husband Sam is also facing deportation.

"He loves America and he did commit a crime but it's been 30 years. He's been working hard, paying his taxes, supporting our family," she said.

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"I want people to know, especially you Mr. President, that you are not doing anything to help us. You are not helping anyone here, you're making this country a more stressful place," said his daughter Britanny Hamama.

Congressman Sander Levin was on hand to show his support to the families

"The message essentially to the federal government is to back off. There are lives involved here," he said.

Levin and Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence are reaching out to homeland security to stop these deportations.

"This is not right," Lawrence said

As protesters gather at the federal building, the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is working on a class action lawsuit and a hearing is scheduled for next week.

"We'll be asking the judge to enter an order temporarily halting the deportation of these individuals," said Michael Steinberg of ACLU of Michigan.

Britanny Hamama says everyone just wants their families back.

"Today's my birthday. This weekend is Father's Day. I would like my dad back," she said.