Protests rally against child detention centers in border crisis

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Dozens of protests took place in Detroit and across the county demanding that lawmakers close the detention camps.

Protestors gathered outside the Southfield office of Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence as she toured a detention facility.

Some Americans have galvanized against the conditions at the border, sending their message to politicians loud and clear.

"How could you let a child go without water, without food?" said Elena Herrada. 

 "I just feel helpless at this point," said Christine Kruger-Locy. "I feel like I need to be here - we need to be in the streets."

"It brings a lot of shame on our country - this is not what we stand for," said Michelle Graznak.

The outrage comes after multiple reports from doctors, attorneys and politicians of inhumane treatment of migrant children detained in crowded camps - hungry, dirty, sleep-deprived - traumatized.

"This violates their human rights - this violates what we stand for as a country," said Emily Duthinh.

Protestors also gathered in Ypsilanti and as far away as South Carolina and South Florida - nationally hoping to make their voices heard on behalf of the children - who have no voice.

"We are going to fight back until we close the camps, free the children, reunite the families - and get Donald Trump out of office," said Nicole Conaway, Civil Rights Organizer. 

Also at the Southfield protest was 91-year-old Rene Lichtman - who was just a small Jewish child in Paris when he was hidden away with a Christian family in the countryside - the only way he survived the Holocaust.

"There were the perpetrators which were the Nazis, there were the victims and a large majority of bystanders who did nothing," he said.

Doing nothing now - says Lichtman - is not an option.

"If you don't do anything you are complicit by your silence," he said.

A counter protestor's attendance at the rally was not appreciated - but after some argument and discussion, he stayed.

The Trump administration says children are not being mistreated at the detention facilities but the protestors are demanding lawmakers take action and close the camps.

"It just gives you goosebumps - no kids should be in camps or anything like that," said Mariam Bazzi.

"Somebody's paying attention to what we're doing today in this hot sun," said Clifton Ross. "And I'm hoping their hearts are touched to do something about what's really going on."