‘Public enemy number 1’: Inkster PD search for man in cast who shot at woman, daughter after minor crash

It all started as a very minor fender bender –  a man was riding with his mom when they were rear-ended in Inkster – but now Inkster Police are searching for a man they say is their most wanted man in the city after he shot at a woman and her daughter.

It's been nearly a month since 20-year-old David Copeland was riding as a passenger in his mom's car. The young man, according to Inkster Police Chief Bill Ratliff, was mad when they got into a minor crash – so he jumped out of the SUV that his mom was driving, pulled a gun, and fired five shots at the driver and passenger.

"The video says it all. You have a man who is wearing a cast running across Inkster road with a gun in his hand the same time a school is getting out 100 yards away," Ratliff said. "He felt it was ok to shoot that woman's car up and by the grace of god he missed her."

The woman wasn't hit by bullets but did suffer minor injuries.

Meanwhile, Copeland left the scene by catching a ride from someone he knew, all with witnesses watching.

"We have video evidence, we have physical evidence, we have witnesses," Ratliff said at the time.

Now, there's a ten-count felony warrant for Copeland's arrest for the man who wasn't even on their radar. But now he is and so is everyone else helping him hide.

"He is public enemy number 1," Ratliff said. "If you are harboring him, we are coming after you. We are going to lock you up too. We are not going to just keep the same old same old."

There's a $1,000 reward for information and anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers to claim the reward.


Inkster police searching for suspect last seen limping away from road rage shooting

Inkster police are still searching for a man who they say fired shots after a crash then limped away because he had a cast on his leg.