Pugh: 'Embarrassed, regretful' in court deposition video

The verdict is in, and we can now show you Charles Pugh's video deposition interview. You'll see his apology, and attempts to weasel his way out of some tough questions.

For the first time since the sexting scandal broke and the former city council president mysteriously fled, Charles Pugh offers a brief apology in his video deposition with lawyers.

"I'm embarrassed about what I did with your client; I am regretful for what happened,” said Charles Pugh.

Pugh was not required to physically face his accuser and the jury during his civil sex-grooming trial.

Instead he opted to fly from New York to Mt. Clemens a few days before the trial for a six-hour long questioning.

"Did you tell him if he made a sex tape you would give him money? I said that was a possibility,” said Pugh.

He repeatedly dodges questions. He also admits to lying about his relationship with a former Fredrick Douglas academy student, who was hoping for a brighter future through the Charles Pugh Leadership Forum.

Pugh was asked to read some of the sexually explicit text messages out loud, at times, pleading the fifth and refusing to read anymore.

"I had done it before with friends but for the actual tape that he made, he asked that I wanted it. The text says what it says I can't change that,” said Pugh.

A verdict reached Monday orders Pugh to pay $250,000 for the battery and emotional distress of his former mentee. Detroit Public Schools is ordered to pay $350,000 for their part.

“Charles Pugh was a predator, and he preyed on my client,” said William Seikaly, the plaintiff’s attorney.

Pugh's lawyer had no comment.

So what's next for Pugh? He will now be hounded for the collection of that $250,000, while he continues working a new job in Manhattan, as a manager at two up-scale restaurants.