Rally against violence held after man assaults 19-year-old woman

Community members came together Sunday to rally in an effort to stop the violence after a 19-year-old woman was assaulted at an east side Detroit phone store.

A few weeks ago, Daisha McDonald was attacked in daylight in front of customers and employees at the Metro PCS store on the 13000 block of Gratiot.

Surveillance video shows a man knocking her to the ground and dragging her from the store. The man -- a black male in his 40s who was bald with a medium complexion -- rang off.

McDonald said no one in the store attempted to help as she was assaulted and dragged.

"This young lady was in the store, minding her own business, attacked by a guy and God knows what he wanted to do to her," said Pastor W.J. Rideout. "God knows what he tried to do to her, but all I know is she was fighting for her life and this needs to stop."

The rally Sunday was designed to encourage a person to speak up if they know someone who has committed a crime.

"It's very, very horrific," said Rosezina Paul, the victim's mother. "I mean to find out and get a call that you have a child paying her bill, and she's being assaulted by a random person and no one steps in to intervene -- stops, yells, or does anything -- and he drags my child to the front door of the business."