Recharge, the program for 50 and up who need a career reboot

Terry Moore has worked in Detroit sports media for three decades. He has countless memories of Pistons games, Tigers opening days, and the Red Wings dominating the ice. 

"I had the chance to interview Isaiah Thomas, had the chance to interview Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson. Those were earlier highlights that I will cherish forever," he said. "I was there for both championships! I had the chance to go to LA to cover the team when it was game three against the Lakers, so I was there for that that was a lot of fun! And that was early on in my career."

Now though, he's in his 50s and is looking for a reboot.

"I'm to the point now where I want to be home with the family more in the evenings because that's typically when I'm gone - is the evening. So can I find that 9-5? Looks like I'm trending towards the computer industry," Moore said.

He's a broadcaster who covered the NBA and MLB and now turning to IT. It may not make sense on the surface but when you see what's happening at a four-week long class called Recharge at the Jewish Vocational service building, it will. JVS is helping people hitting 50 and above rethink their careers. 
"The encore career happens when people are in between jobs, some people come when they are retired and try to get back into the workforce so it's a lot of soul-searching that happens to figure out what people want to do," counselor Sharrie James said. "The Recharge program really incites hope in them for them to realize they can do other things and when they finish the program they feel good about themselves."

Roughly 200 people have come through here. Recharge assesses your skills and figure out how to retool based on the skills you already have. Kim Schreiber worked at Chrysler and then for the federal government. She dealt with a series of tragedies in her life and needed to get back to work.  

"JVS, especially under Sherrie's leadership, helps you gauge your skill set and when employers come in it's a good fit, it saves the employer time and resources when they're looking for a candidate," Schreiber said.

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