Red flag laws, safe storage, and more -- Michigan Senate expected to pass gun reform package

The Michigan Senate is expected to pass a package of bills that would change gun laws.

This 11-bill package was introduced after the Michigan State University shooting. Highlights include red flag laws, universal background checks, and safe storage requirements.

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If passed, background checks would be required to purchase all firearms, not just handguns. Gun owners would also be required to store firearms locked up away from children.

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Red flag laws are also part of the package. Other states have enacted these laws. Florida passed a law after the Parkland high school shooting in 2018, while Maine has a "yellow flag" law that requires a medical professional to sign off before guns are removed. 

The specifics of these laws vary by state, but the premise is the same – someone, typically a family member, police, or medical professional, can petition to have a person's guns removed from them for a set time. A judge approves or denies these orders, and the person can be charged with crimes if they fail to comply. 

The Senate will gather Thursday for this decision.