Redford Karate studio, police offer women's RAD self-defense classes

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Elaine wanted to learn self-defense - so she signed up for Redford Township's RAD workshop for women.

The Rape Aggression Defense classes are held everywhere from college campuses to senior centers, teaching women of every age how to protect themselves.

"It's an international program that's built not only around the skills we can teach women in how to defend themselves," said Sgt. Jennifer Mansfield, Redford Township police. "But also their awareness level, their confidence level, it's really an empowerment."

Redford police Sgt Jennifer Mansfield teaches the class every month along with Ray Johnson at his studio - Redford Karate on Six Mile. But the class isn't solely martial arts - and you don't need any prior experience for the class.

"We're going to teach punching and striking and chokes, like how to get out of a choke hold, bear hugs, wrist locks - we teach it all," Mansfield said.

And they teach it to females of all ages - kids as young as 12 with a parent, while some participants are 80 years old. Some have physical limitations - but that's okay too.

"Please don't let that be a deterrent to you coming out and joining the class," Mansfield said. "We adapt and we're going to teach our techniques to fit you."

The class is only $25 for nine hours of training over two days. You leave with a RAD manual that lets you go to any basic RAD Training Program in the world for free - so you can keep practicing what you've learned.

By the end of the weekend these women are smacking the pads, they are kicking everything," Mansfield said. "They are vocal and they are letting everyone know - that they are in charge."


Call Redford Karate at (313) 937-5700.

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