Resident trying to kill bed bugs caused 3-alarm blaze

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A devastating fire destroyed an apartment building on Detroit's west side.

Now a day later, families are returning for the first time to pick through the rubble to see what, if anything can be saved.

A fire raged for hours injuring five including three firefighters. One suffered burns to the face, another burns to an ear, after the roof collapsed on them. All three firefighters are home from the hospital, expected to recover.

Investigators have confirmed that a tenant set off a smoke bomb in an attempt to kill bed bugs then tried to smother it with a pillow.

The fire is out, but many are worried about other dangers, like looters.

"I overheard some people talking about breaking in the apartments and using the disaster as a cover up," Capri Ramsey said.

Some residents have come back hoping to retrieve anything that might be salvaged.

"It's definitely frustrating all you can do is keep positive and try to save everything that's left," she said.

Inside the Grayton Park Apartments office, they're busy making sure the more than two dozen affected families will have a roof over their heads.

"No one is going to be homeless we are going to accommodate everybody," said Tekeita Walker, the apartment manager.

"Luckily they are going to relocate us to another apartment and do things the right way - renter's insurance, for one, and stay positive," Ramsey said.