Restoration of Malcolm X's old home in Inkster on track for 2024 completion

It took a decade for those overseeing the plan to just save the house and then several more years to get a grant to refurbish it.

For the men behind the restoration of Malcolm X's childhood home in Inkster, it's been a long journey toward rediscovering an old piece of history - and returning its legacy to the forefront of both Michigan and the civil rights era. 

"I don’t think no one ever knew that he would turn into who he became, so for us, it’s telling a story of what was Malcolm's journey from the time he got here in 1952 up until he left in 1953," said Aaron Sims. 

The house on Williams Street in western Wayne County housed the civil rights leader, as well as his brother and brother's family in the early 1950s. 

Work isn't done yet, but once it is complete, it'll be a standing reminder of the significance the region has in the national fabric. 

"It’s going to be turned into a historic landmark, well, actually a museum as well so you get to see different things from Malcolm’s past - Chris Webber actually owns the suit Malcolm was shot in, so God willing, we will have that suit in this home as well," said Dawon Lynn.

Both Lynn and Sims have overseen the painstakingly slow work of restoring Malcolm X's old home. So far, they've redone the driveway, added a new porch, sidewalk, and even electrified the home. 

Peeking inside, there's plans all around the structure, including upstairs where Malcolm X slept. They plan to open the house for people to add their own signature before adding interior walls.


Transformation of former Inkster home of Malcolm X into museum starts

The house is now on the national list of historic places.

The hope is to have all the work done by summer of 2024.

"So basically we're just getting ready just to make sure the whole inside of the house is going to be turned into something everybody in the world can really come and see and respect, and just feel as though this is something that shouldn’t have been left out of history, ya know," said Lynn.