Rev. Al Sharpton joins stage at Sen. Gary Peters campaign rally in Detroit

Senator Gary Peters attended a drive-in rally in Detroit Wednesday to make his case in the final stretch of the race against Republican challenger John James. Civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton joined the senator's push to mobilize Detroit voters.

“Can you imagine that they are pushing through a nominee that they know will overturn the Affordable Care Act while we are in the middle of a pandemic? That is simply outrageous," Peters said at the rally.

Up and down the ballot, Democrats have excoriated President Trump and Senate Republicans for confirming now-Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court within a week of the general election. Sen. Peters is one of many on that side of the aisle who worry about how she might rule on the challenge to the ACA that's on its way to the high court.

“That means nearly 4 million people in our state who are now protected if they have pre-existing conditions to get the Affordable Care Act, they will not be protected," Peters said.

The president has been open about his desire to do away with Obamacare but promises people with pre-existing conditions would be covered under a Republican plan.

Peters was flanked by prominent members of the Black community Wednesday, including Rev. Al Sharpton in a fairly transparent effort to court Black voters in a race against a Black candidate.

“I introduce the Republican candidate, Mr.John James," said Rev. Sharpton cheekily at the rally, as James was not there. "Now I introduce the man who comes when I need him, the sitting senator for the state of Michigan, Senator Gary Peters."

Businessman John James is Peters' opponent in the Senate race. James is a combat veteran who performed better than analysts predicted in a failed run for Debbie Stabenow’s seat in 2018. 

“What matters the most is that people see the opportunity they have to get better representation and more experience in Washington," James said.

James has previously said he wants to “repeal and replace” Obamacare but takes issue with current litigation against the ACA. But according to a spokesperson, he has always maintained that protections for people with pre-existing conditions are a must. He said, ”Right now, the Affordable Care Act still isn’t affordable and John wants to change that so every one can afford access to quality care and keep control over healthcare decisions between patients and doctors, not government bureaucrats.”

Back in 2018, James only lost to Stabenow by only 6.5 points.