Robbery suspect captured after escaping court in Redford Twp

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Justin Baldwin inside a police car after escaping court earlier on Tuesday.

A 22-year-old armed robbery suspect was captured Tuesday after breaking free during a hearing in 17th District Court.

Redford Township police caught up with him a short time later, chasing him down and arresting him.

Justin Baldwin still had the handcuffs on him when he fled and for nearly three hours he was on the run. After searching, the police took to social media and the tips started coming in.

Baldwin gave his reason for running as he sat in the back of the squad car.

"I'm black and they are trying to mess me over," he said.

So where was hiding for nearly three hours? For that question Baldwin wasn't as forthcoming.

"Your momma's house"

While we may not know how he spent his time hiding from police we did find out a little about him from his own mother.

"This is the second time that he has gotten away from the Redford police," said Nateeta Jones. "I am a mother. I will do anything to save my son's life."

As for the first time he ran, Jones says her son called her around  July 15, saying he was wanted by police for the armed robbery of a person.

"I told him that he needed to turn himself in and do the right thing," she said. "I knew that my son trusted me."

She says she then arranged for her son to meet with police, but he ran at the last minute and was eventually caught.

Then comes Tuesday - Jones was at work when she heard that her son ran from court.

"I attempted to ride around my neighborhood to try and locate my son," Jones said.

Police used helicopters and a dozen officers to try and track him.

"North of Five Mile and west of Beech Daly through the neighborhoods was where we lost sight of him," said Lt. David Holt. "

They then released the info to the media.

"A couple hours later some residents called us, at least two of them sighted him north of Five Mile and east of Beech Daly, officers chased him down and arrested him."

While Baldwin didn't seem too pleased to be back under the watchful eye of Redford police, others were glad the search was over.

"I am relieved that my son is OK," Jones said.

According to police Baldwin is a habitual offender and will likely have escape charges will be added to his list of charges

Police are not releasing details about the escape but say he sprinted for the front the door. His mother said her son has battled mental problems for a number of years.