Science camp for Detroit kids inspires students in math, engineering

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A one-day camp for 30 middle schoolers in Detroit is inspiring local students to get involved with math, science, technology and innovation.

Michigan Engineering Zone is the brainchild of the University of Michigan, Qualcomm and schools in Detroit coming together to spark synergy in a one-day camp where students learning about technology that's frankly hard for a lot of adults to grasp.  

"I hope to learn and further my knowledge of math and science because math and science is revolutionizing our world," said 8th grader Taylor Woods.
The program started 10 years ago as a training ground for high school students in Detroit who were aiming to be part of an annual robotics competition. But it's since spun off as a day camp for middle school students who have a hunger for hands-on creativity and knowledge.  

"Our kids are very talented. We tend not to talk about it. We tend not to show them in these activities but it's important for us to let the students know that we are here and we care about them number one, and number two, that they too can be successful in some of these more technical pursuits," said Julian Pate with Michigan Engineering Zone.

It's all about what they believe they are capable of doing.  

"You don't see many women in engineering and technology so it is fun to look at these different opportunities and to think about the different careers that I may pursue later in life," Woods said.

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