Search is on for suspect in triple shooting that left 2 children injured Father's Day

It was one of many shootings on Father's Day in Detroit; this one wounded a man and his daughter, who is still hospitalized. It also left another young girl with a broken arm.

FOX 2 had a chance to speak with the Investigator on the case and she said there were so many people outside when a shooter walked up carelessly and callously opened fire with no regard for human life.

"I see that I try to shield her, we get back on the curb she said 'Daddy it feel like my arm is broke,'" said Terrance Watterson.

Dior Nelson is little arm was broken after a bullet hit a 9-year-old's arm. Fragments of it are still inside; while she is due for surgery, she is getting soon. 

Watterson was there with his daughter Dior for a holiday barbecue.  Police say sometime between 9:15 and 10 p.m. on Plainview near Pembroke is when the shooting happened. The person responsible just walked up and opened fire.

HG: Did you get any sense of whom that person was targeting?

"They were obviously targeting the individual," he said. "They were sitting there. The guy was there with his daughters and his son. He was instructing them how to light their firework."

Investigators also believe there is evidence a 37-year-old who was also shot multiple times, was the target. But why is still a mystery. His 11-year-old daughter was nearby and she got caught in the line of fire and was hit multiple times. 

"They're as baffled as we are," Watterson said. "Even if you do have a beef with a person you wouldn't do something like that with a kid around."

Police say the suspect ran south on Plainview. It is up to people to come forward, they have the power to help get this person off the streets.

"Make no mistake there should be a forceful movement behind police officers shooting and killing our people out in the streets," said Zeek, an activist with New Era Detroit. "But we've got to make sure we're keeping that same energy when it comes to these babies that's getting shot and losing their lives."

Police say the suspect has a thin build, was wearing a white or grey T-shirt and dark colored shorts or pants. The 37-year-old victim is still in critical condition. His daughter is still in the hospital also, but is stable.