Search still on for killer who gunned down 2 men in driveway

It was a violent scene on Detroit's east side with three people shot and two of them killed.

The shooters fired at least 20 rounds into their car and now more than two months later, the killers are still out there. This triple shooting goes back to the early morning of 2:58 a.m. on June 15, 2016 in the area of Rohns and Gratiot.

Detroit police say their investigation shows not only were the three men shot innocent, but also the victims of mistaken identity related to a neighborhood beef.

Killed in the shooting were Martinus Wilson, 20, and Nathan Mosby, Jr., 28, after they were struck while sitting in a parked car outside a home.

"The most terrifying thing to me for the situation in the neighborhood that it happened in, my aunt lived over there for about 13 or 14 years," said Terrence Graham, Martinus' father. "I spent most of my days over there during the summertime. The most terrifying thing to me is to find out one of these guys I've seen grow up is actually one of the guys that murdered my son."

Police say they have spoken with the actual person these killers were looking for, and this is another case that will likely not be solved unless more people speak up.

"We know that there are at least three to five other people that can definitely tell us who the shooters are," said Det. Trooper Darrin Grandison. "We know there are at least three parties involved, two different shooters, and a driver, if not, more parties. we need to connect the dots and find out who they are."

Video of the vehicle the gunmen fled in was released by Detroit police showing a small white SUV seconds after the shooting.

This is a tragedy that is impossible for many parents to imagine.

"It's hard to explain to someone who is not in our shoes," said Martinus' mother Patrice Wilson-Graham. "For those people who do know, we just ask we could get some justice. Our sons were actually at the wrong place at the wrong time."

"You never get through hurting, you have to just get up and make your day," said Yolanda Mosby, Nathan Mosby's mother. "And make the best possible time of that day you can. You're never ever going to forget about your child. especially when your child was murdered, and they say, I heard the streets say, we killed the wrong people."

Two families continue to grieve and if you have any information that can help in this investigation, give Detroit police or Crime Stoppers a call. Contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP, you will remain anonymous.