Sen. Stabenow, Trump campaign adviser make their cases

Things are heating up as the countdown to Election Day Nov. 3 marches on.

President Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows made news last weekend when he said the administration is not going to control the pandemic - but instead try to contain it as best they can.

Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow spoke about the announcement.

"I am shocked to hear the president's chief of staff say that we can't, in some ways, we can't control the pandemic," she said. "Of course we can. If they had started with the first case on Jan. 20 and had acted like every other country ... The same day South Korea had the first case. They have managed their pandemic."

Stabenow and Trump campaign senior advisor Steve Cortes both spoke to FOX 2.

"Even lockdowns don't stop the spread," Cortes said. "I think that was the point that Chief Meadows was trying to make. Nothing really stops the virus until we get to a vaccine. We believe, given that reality, that we can't just suspend life. We can't stop schools, sports, work, and worship. 

"Instead we should take reasonable precautions, and we should really guard those who are most vulnerable."

Cortes spoke of the rise in auto sales as a signal of optimism.

"Pick-up truck sales, lightweight truck sales in September hit a new all-time high," he said. "That is important for all of America, but it is particularly important for an auto state like Michigan. For that momentum to continue to accelerate, we hope to make the case to persuade the citizens of Michigan that we need to rehire Donald Trump essentially as our national CEO."

Stabenow said she remembers Biden's steady hand during the 2009 Great Recession helping The Big Three.

"I remember who was with us in Michigan when we had the crisis with the auto industry after the bank crisis," Stabenow said. "And it was Joe Biden and President Obama who said we needed to save a million auto jobs. It was Donald Trump ... whose Vice President (Mike Pence) actually voted as a congressman to let them go bankrupt."

Cortes says Biden's foreign policy plans are bad for America and bad for Michigan. Stabenow says remember the president's promises to our state. 

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