Seniors unnerved after assault and robbery at Clinton Township living complex

When Mary Jo and her husband Mike moved into a senior living complex in Clinton Township, they did it because they thought they'd be safe.

But recent break-ins and assaults at Heritage Estates has left the couple and other residents unnerved. Mary Jo considers herself lucky because there are two of them, counting herself and her husband. But for many of the residents that call the complex home, they live alone.

"They were knocking on people's doors and we thought we heard it, but it was 5:30 in the morning," Jo said. "We thought it was our imagination."

At another unit, one woman cracked her door open a little bit after getting a knock and the suspect pushed their way in.

"They beat her up and stole a bunch of stuff," Jo said.

Clinton Township police are investigating the incident - but haven't commented on the alleged assault and robbery.

"The big issue is if there’s a problem here, we should be aware of it and they're not letting us know there's a problem," said Jo.

In a letter from Heritage Estates, it says a suspect was in custody and their security systems are being updated.

According to Mary Jo and Mike, before the assault took place, there was a recent death at a separate unit in the same building and somebody broke in and robbed the place.

"They had passed away and somehow they got in their apartments and stole stuff. They got caught using a credit card," said Jo.

It's unclear if the two incidents are connected. 

There was no comment from Heritage Estates, whose office was locked on Friday.