SER Metro expands in SW Detroit to help more at-risk youth with education, careers

A new Youth Reengagement Center is expanding with new improvements in Southwest Detroit. It is a place designed to help young people who need it the most, and become self-sufficient in life.

"I’ve been with SER Metro for 2 years now and it’s been a lifesaving experience for me," said Cleophus Hammond.

"They have so many resources, coaches, instructors and teachers and I built a relationship with almost all of them," said Elsea Roman.

On Monday a $500,000 check from the state was delivered for the new SER Detroit Youth Reengagement Center in Southwest Detroit.

The non-profit helps at-risk and disadvantaged young people become self-sufficient through quality education, employment and training programs.

"The SER Metro Youth Engagement Center will be life-changing not only for the community but for our state," said State Sen. Mary Cavanagh (D-6th District).

The re-design was a $4 million dollar project by SER Metro Detroit and Job for Progress, Inc. 

The new Youth Reengagement Center is housed on Michigan Avenue in the building adjacent to the SER Metro-Detroit headquarters in Southwest Detroit, with a new state-of-the-art designed classrooms equipped with the latest technology, and a brand new Construction Training Lab.  

In one room, young people were working on obtaining nursing assistant certifications.

"I’ve learned a lot in the youth programs, I can say personally we've had a lot of financial literacy courses that I've participated in, and I really grasped the things they are teaching us," said Chad Walker.

"I’ve got mentors, I've built relationships with people that are going to last a lifetime," said Hammond.

The new facility hopes to meet the growing demand for services that meet the challenges preventing young adults from becoming disconnected from school or employment and helping reduce socio-economic factors that may lead to high-risk behaviors and involvement with the criminal justice system.

"I applaud the SER Metro Team for all your hard work in making this new space a reality," said Kate Partington of the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation. "And I also want to thank all the youth that came together to provide input and feedback, and help make this space their own. We are excited for all the laughter, learning, connections and opportunities that will come from this center."

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In one classroom at SER Metro Detroit, young people were working on becoming nursing assistant certifications.

In one classroom at SER Metro Detroit, young people were working on becoming nursing assistant certifications.