Sexual assault victim takes stand, recounts attack

Ikeie Smith is facing at least 34 accusations ranging from home invasion to rape in cities all around Detroit.

With court cases in multiple cities, the MO of Smith's attacks seem to all be the same.

Documents and reports say Smith would break into houses, in most cases armed with a knife and either raped or attempted to sexually assault his victims. 

One alleged victim took the stand Wednesday as she recounted what happened to her while in her Dearborn Heights home in September.

"My door opened and I saw a flashlight in the doorway. Instantly someone was on top of me in my bed." 

The same victim said Smith had a sweatshirt tied around his face and a knife to her throat and forced her to touch him, but she fought. 

When Smith asked her why she was fighting, she said it was because she had been sexually assaulted before and she wasn't going through it again. "God had put a protective veil over me and he could not touch me, and then he walked around the bed and said why did I pick this house."

In the process of a very hectic situation, she learned about his past saying he had a girlfriend who refused to have sex with him because she was a sex assault victim and also blamed his own mom, saying she would sell drugs leaving him to be sexually abused by a relative.

Eventually this victim says she was able to convince Smith not to go any further with the assault and even got him to talk to her and prayed with him. 

A second alleged victim says she was also able to fight off Smith and with the help of her roommate got the license plate of his getaway car that eventually led police to make the arrest.

In the end, the judge in Dearborn Heights found enough evidence for this case to go to trial. One of what will be likely many trials for Smith as he has many sexual assault cases pending in multiple cities in the Detroit area.