Shelby Township church providing families with back-to-school supplies

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It's a celebration of all things back to school and that's exactly what's going on at Lakeside Church in Shelby Township

Joining reporter Ingrid Kelley is Pastor Philip Krist.

This is more than about backpacks.

"We're calling it 'Blessed to be a blessing Sunday,' we have 53 families, needy families from Macomb County that have been suggested to us through the County and charitable organizations that we want to serve today and be a blessing to,” Krist said.

And one of the families receiving the backpacks is Reuben Rocker.

This is lifting a burden off you and your family?

“It helps a lot right now because we're in financial need, we're looking for a place to live right now so this just really helps a lot," Rocker said.

If you are in need of a backpack and were unable to make it today reach out to for more information on how you can be helped.