Shelby Township discovers two nesting bald eagles at one of its parks

Shelby Township is making moves to protect two nesting American bald eagles after they were discovered at a local park.

New safety guidelines that will keep people and pets at least 330 feet away from their nest are now in effect at Holland Ponds Park, the township said this week.

Federal guidelines require that people and pets avoid bald eagle nests, while drones are prohibited within 1,000 feet. 

Typically, bald eagles mate for life after they've chosen a partner. Together, they'll raise their young after nest building in the late winter and fledging in the late summer. During this period of time, no one will be allowed near the habitat.

While the discovery comes with new federal guidelines, it also comes with an educational opportunity. The Burgess-Shadbush Nature Center staff is doing a free guided hike Saturday, April 8.

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To ensure that no one wanders too close, barriers have been put up. The township says its police department will also monitor access points on trails near the nesting area. 

If park patrons see individuals trespass beyond the barriers, they can call the Shelby Township Police Department non-emergency line at 586-731-2121.