Shelby Twp school evacuated due to smoke bombs, 5 students arrested

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Five students at Malow Jr. High in Shelby Township are facing very serious charges after two smoke bombs were set off in the school's cafeteria, forcing the school to be evacuated and sending a staff member to the hospital.

Fire and police were called to the junior high school on 25 Mile Road to a report of smoke in the building. Students were being evacuated from the school as first responders arrived.

It was around 8 a.m. when Megan Mellott first saw the smoke.

"I inhaled too much and I started coughing," she said. "I couldn't see. I started kicking to make sure where I was going."

The same smoke was seen pouring from the school when Shelby Township police and fire arrived at Malow Junior High.

"Upon us showing up they were evacuating the school," said Dep. Chief Jason Schmittler.

Once the smoke cleared, police found two smoke bombs.

"They were about the size of a pop can," Schmittler said. "Yes they were rather large."

Which led to them finding five students said to be responsible.

"We have five juveniles in custody transported to the youth home," Schmittler said. "And the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office is going to look at the paperwork. 

It was an end of the year prank that wasn't so harmless - just ask this 8th grader.

"My throat started stinging," she said.

That student along with at least one staff member, had to be seen by a doctor.

"She said she was having issues not feeling well, so I came to the school to pick her up," said Dana Mellott.

"They gave her breathing treatments, she has to carry a personal inhaler for a couple weeks until everything is all cleared," said Maverick Mellott, the girl's brother.

"$100 to $150 out of pocket that wasn't planned for, as a result of this," said Dana Mellott.

Which is just one reason police are treating this so seriously.

"Whoever is planning a last minute prank for the school year, it's not funny and it won't be tolerated," said Schmittler.

The district said that in addition to possible legal charges, it will enforce any possible additional penalties within its power to ensure this never happens again.