Shoplifting suspect smashes cars, attempts carjacking at Woodhaven Meijer

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Fifty year old Scott Randle Lee walked into the Meijer store on Allen Road about 7 p.m. Tuesday in Woodhaven.

On surveillance video, you can see him walk out with his sweatshirt bulging. Police say it’s because he stole quite a few items.

When loss prevention approached him and informed the woman who picked him up about what was happening, she jumped out of the SUV, saying she had nothing to do with the crime.

We’re told Scott Randle Lee jumped in the driver’s seat and tried to get away. He crashed into six parked vehicles.

Police say he got out of the SUV and ran up to a 47-year-old woman waiting at the pharmacy drive thru, waving his hand asking for help.

The woman starts to pick up her phone to call 911.

"About that time, two women appeared behind him and started screaming for me to lock my door," said Tracy, who would only give her first name.

Lee then tried to steal the woman's vehicle.

"He told me to move over, to get to the passenger seat, and I said ‘I am not. Get out of my car. Get away from me. Get off of me.’ He told me to move or he would punch me in the (expletive) face."

A scuffle comes next. Witnesses say Lee pulled on the woman's hair and put her in a headlock.

"I was in defense mode. I wasn't thinking about where he was hitting me or what he was doing to me. I was thinking this isn't going to happen today. I just tried to sustain until police showed up."

Two men quickly came over to help.

The woman is recovering from a bruised neck and back, but she will be okay.

"These two individuals who helped her probably saved her life," said Detective Nick Grunwald, Wood haven Police Dept.

"They came running around and got him off me and out of my car. But the time they got him to the back of the car, the parking lot was full of police," said Tracy.

Lee is custody facing charges for robbery, retail fraud, carjacking, and destruction of property.
He also has a criminal history which includes assault and unarmed robbery from 2010.

Police say Lee tried to steal a bottle of Crown Royal whiskey, three pairs of pants, a Pokémon t-shirt, and a package of underwear. The merchandise is worth $124. Now Lee is facing a life sentence.