Should Gamrat and Courser run for their old seats in the special election?

Nobody around here can remember the last time David Agema made news and it did not blow-up the Internet or foster more calls for him to quit.

The GOP national committeeman has a penchant for saying what he believes when it comes to gays, immiagration and other hot button issues and usually when he opens his mouth, others can hardly wait to tell him to shut it back up.

But there was the west Michigan former lawmaker opining on some pretty straight forward issues without the bombast.

Question: Should Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser run for their seats now that they lost them last week?

You're going what?

He resigned and she was expelled and they can run for their seats in the special election?

You beat your bippy.

Neither has made that decision but just in case they do, Mr. Agema advises them not to do it. "Enough is enough," he argues while recalling that he originally supported the duo when they ran as fiscal and moral conservatives.

The two did O.K. on the fiscal side, but how'd that moral thing work out?

Mr. Agema is not sure what damage if any they would do to the party if they ran but it's pretty clear he does not want to find out.

What about Donald Trump?

"I'm glad he is in the race," the GOP leader contends. He credits Mr. Trump with not being afraid to talk about some issues that others would rather sweep under the rug.

"People are sick and tired of Political Correctness," as he explains why Mr. Trump is resonating with lots of voters. Also near and dear to Mr. Agema's heart is immigration and on that, he and the Donald are arm and arm.

So do we see an endorsement in the offing?


"I don't have a clue where he stands on moral issues," Mr. Agema reflects and if you know Big Dave, he is big on that.

He likes Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, and Ben Carson.  In fact Mr. Agema sent his first check of the presidential season to Mr. Carson who is holding his own with Mr. Trump.

The real headline here is, "Agema Makes News Without Offending Anyone"..or at least fewer than normal.