Silent but powerful - the all electric Ford F-150 Lightning at Motor Bella

The electrified F-150 Lightning -  it looks like a truck, but it drives like something else.

"You are going to experience the speed and the handling of this great product," said Dapo Adeusi, F-150 engineer.

You may remember when President Joe Biden got behind the wheel of that exact truck.

FOX 2: "How does this compare to your standard F-150 in terms of (acceleration)?"

"The target speed is 0-60 in mid 4 seconds. (It has an) independent rear suspension so it’s planted and handles pretty good," said Adeusi. "More like a car as you can feel."

It feels like a fast car but sounds like nothing. All-electric means no engine.

The extended range battery covers 300 miles - and apparently, customers are intrigued.

"We have received more than 150,000 reservations since it was revealed back in May." said Jeff Marentic, Ford Vehicle General Manager North America.

"That number is amazing and I’m sure it will go up but that is pretty amazing," said Adeusi.

And that means Ford plans on seeing where this electric road will take us.

The Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning

"We raised our planned spending to more than $30 billion by 2025 and as the F-150 Lightning proves, we are not building niche products we are leading with our icons," Marentic said.

"What we designed the vehicle to meet in terms of expectations is what we are delivering," Adeusi said. "So if it means driving it to the limit - that means driving it to the limit."