Singer Mike Posner climbing Mount Everest to raise money for Detroit Justice Center

Photo courtesy of Mike Posner

Two years ago, Michigan native Mike Posner walked across the country. This year, the singer and songwriter is planning to climb Mount Everest while raising money for the Detroit Justice Center.

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Posner said he chose that organization because of the criminal justice reform work it does. He is doing the climb for his late father, who was a criminal defense attorney in Detroit.

The organization led by Black women fights for racial justice and economic equity. 

It provides legal services and advocates for restorative justice, which is aimed at repairing the harm caused by crimes. These punishments are more community-based than traditional approaches, such as incarceration. It also provides help with land use, housing, and employment.

A GoFundMe page was created to raise money for the Detroit Justice Center as Posner prepares for his climb.