Sisters tell terrifying rape story as Michael Sykes heads for trial

That man, authorities say, is linked to at least one rape case this year on the northwest side. Yet police say there are even more victims.

Michael Sykes, 21, has been charged with ten different crimes, the big ones are rape, kidnapping and robbery, and is accused of terrorizing Detroit neighborhoods from 2008 to March of this year.

One of Sykes' alleged victims took the stand Wednesday to confront the man she says attacked her. She described meeting Sykes in a dark alley in August 2008 on Grand River near Wyoming.  

She testified that he threatened to snap her sister's neck if she moved and she would kill her. 

When they got into the alley, she testified that he told her to perform oral sex on her sister and then raped her sister before turning to her. She said she was scared for her life when he raped her.

Her sister took the stand next and testified that he asked if he should rape or kill her. She said that she told him to rape her because she had a two-year-old daughter. 

After Wednesday's testimony, the judge said there was enough evidence to proceed with all charges from 2008. Sykes faces more charges from a rape incident involving three women in March of this year. That preliminary exam continues on May 13.  

Police say they're waiting for DNA evidence that could link Sykes to even more rape victims.