Small children rescued from burning home by cousin driving by, on Detroit's east side

Three young children were rescued from a burning house on Detroit's east side - helped by their cousin who was passing by at the time.

It was a frightening scene on Syracuse street Tuesday morning. The family's father was at work and the mother was outside screaming for help with three young children inside.

Adnan Gobah's cousins live there - another cousin was working in the area - driving down the street, when he heard the screams.

"You know how lucky they are?" said Gobah. "When he came this way - he sees the lady - she calls for help, and he stopped and he helped her. And from inside, they (brought) out the kids."

A shovel used to smash out windows - and get the kids out of the house. The children - ages two, three, and nine years old - and their 31-year-old mother - taken to the hospital - to be treated for smoke inhalation. They are expected to recover

"I hope they are okay, but they are lucky right now because the guy - he was driving right there, he saw the fire, and he stopped," Gobah said.

He is also being treated for minor injuries he suffered during the rescue...

"Yeah, he's a hero," Gobah said.

Detroit fire investigators now searching for clues - searching for a cause - grateful that good Samaritan was in the right place at the right time.

"It takes a village and everybody to be safe in the City of Detroit, so we commend that person," said Chief James Harris.

The cousin's quick actions, and the quick response of the Detroit Fire Department - all helped prevent what could have been a real tragedy.

"You can see there was fire on the first floor as well as the second floor - the middle of the house as well as the rear of the house, so it could have been a lot worse - we're just thankful right now," said Harris.