Smash-and-grab crime spree in Detroit continues

It's the latest batch of robberies in Detroit as a smash-and-grab spree continues -- and both fit the same pattern as a string of hits that have been happening all over the city for months.

"It's very frustrating that I watch the news every day somebody's store got broken into," said Gary Danyel, owner of Liberty Liquor.

This time it's his own store he will be seeing on the news after it was broken into early Tuesday morning. 

"They didn't steal anything but the damage they did was a lot," he said.

3 smash and grab suspects still at large; new Detroit store hit

Not one single cigarette taken but it's going to cost thousands to repair Gary Danyel's already double, steel reinforced door. 

Less than 10 minutes later a truck matching the same description smashed into Payless Market. They caused about $9,000 worth of damage but didn't get away with anything.

2 more smash and grab robberies at Detroit stores overnight

Police say there have been 34 of these kind of smash and grab robberies in his city since January. Police believe most of these are at the hands of an organized crew and tell FOX 2 they've made 7 arrests but are looking for more.

Suspects wanted for 25 smash and grab Detroit robberies

Like all the rest of the party store owners we talked to, Danyel will rebuild. He says this hit isn't just to his business, it affects neighborhood too. Five of his employees live there, so he doesn't want to leave after 29 years here.