South Philly casts its vote with cheesesteaks

Inside the Wells Fargo center, it's all business on the convention floor as Democrats kick off their convention week in Philadelphia.

But outside, things are a little light-hearted as the people of Philadelphia have a little fun with the political hoopla.

The city of brotherly love is rich with American history but there's a part of the city that's unique to itself: South Philly.

We sent Charlie Langton to the streets of South Philly to get the pulse of the city.

"I guess South Philly politics are okay," Carlos Astacio said. "Everybody is 50/50 on her, you know what I mean?"


Now that the convention is here, people in South Philly are paying attention.

"I don't know what politics are. Is that some kind of pasta?" Raymond Givigliano said.

So they settle it where Philadelphians are supposed to settle things: at the cheesesteak counter.

"The Hillary sandwich is a sandwhich that we normally sell., it's called the heart attack. It has all three cheeses: American, provolone and cheese wiz and onions. The Bernie is called a garvone - it has everything on it. it has mushrooms, peppers, onions and cheese," Frank  Olivieri, owner Pat's King of Steaks, said.

Who's winning that poll? Hillary by a 2-to-1 margin.

But there's something else South Philly is known for and that's Italian water ice. Michael Italiano, the owner of Pops Italian Water Ice said they ahve a special patriotic blend for the week.

"We made a very nice blueberry, cherry, and vanilla - which will be red, white, and blue gelati - which we mix ice cream with italian ice. it's fantastic," Italiano said.

Check it out as Charlie gets a taste of it all in the video above.