Southfield Fire Department goes pink to raise money, awareness

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Some Southfield firefighters are going above the call of duty to help the community they care about so much.

Firefighters in Southfield respond to about 35 emergencies a day - and when you see them every day for the next month they will also be donning these pink shields on their helmets.

It is all to raise awareness about breast cancer and raise money for research and those who can't afford essential care.

"Anything we can do to help anybody we are going to," said firefighter Chad Godfrey. "A lot of guys here have family members affected by breast cancer. Myself personally, my aunt Judy passed away two years ago, she lost her fight. It hits home a little bit for us here."

Godfrey worked with Detroit Shields to design the logo you will now see on the helmets of their 80-plus crews. Firefighters will also be wearing these shirts with a hose that forms a pink ribbon on the back.

It was made possible through a partnership with Providence Hospital.

"We've been on a few runs and people have made comments and we tell them what it's for," Godfrey said. "And everyone thinks it's a great thing."

The former Fire Chief Keith Rowley started the T-shirt campaign three years ago and it is still going strong. He approved the pink shield idea just four days before his death over the summer.

It was one of the final things he ever approved for the department and just another reason this effort is so meaningful.

"It's just another way to give back, anything we can do to help out for the cause Southfield fire is going to do," Godfrey said.

You can purchase the special T-shirts in the gift shop at Providence Hospital and you can learn more about the shields at