Special delivery for Highland Park seniors in need during COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to a stop. With most places closed and seniors the most at risk at the places that are open, the generosity of others is shining brightly.

On Tuesday, a parade of police vehicles pulled into Downes Manor, a senior apartment building, in Highland Park to deliver food boxes to people like John Perdue. 

"Basically we've got to stay in the house until things get better. Right now everybody's on restriction," Perdue said.

Jean Linton lives there as well and says they try to keep themselves busy. There's only so much they can do when they can't go anywhere and are told to isolate as much as possible. 

With a trip to the grocery store out of the question, the store is coming to them.

"That's a blessing, God is working in all kinds of ways today," Perdue said. "We are going to make it no matter what."

Wayne County Commissioner Martha Scott joined the sheriff and Highland Park first responders to help the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries deliver hundreds of boxes filled with food. Last week, they helped in Dearborn and Inkster, now it's Highland Park's turn.

"We have to take care of them because they have taken care of so many," Scott said. 

"We are very concerned about the safety of our seniors and we have been doing this every day in Detroit and this is why we decided to go outside the city of Detroit because the needs are beyond the city of Detroit," said Chad Audi with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. 

At Labelle Towers, there are about 200 residents and it's the same as everywhere else. The seniors are fearful and are trying to stay healthy, according to Building President William Murphy.

"A lot of people are worried, a lot of people are nervous. We've never been through this, just like you've never been through this. This is new to us, new to everybody, it's a whole new world," Murphy said.

Fire Chief Kevin Coney says that's exactly why people need help now more than ever.

"The elderly people they just can't get around like they normally do we just want to kind of help them out right now," Coney said.