Spirit of Detroit area to become pedestrian plaza

Woodward and Jefferson, the site of the Spirit of Detroit statue, is ready to undergo a big transformation. The City of Detroit is shutting down the space for cars and, instead, turning it into a pedestrian plaza for everyone to enjoy.

"This is the missing link in a series of pedestrian places that march from Campus Martius all the way to Hart Plaza," said Maurice Cox, planning director.

The space will feature music and dance performances, as well as food trucks.

"People are going to love it. People already gather in front of the Spirit of Detroit to take pictures, political rallies happen here. What if we just honor that and expand it and declare that this is the people's plaza?" Cox said.

It's meant to be a great place to hang out -- right in the heart of the city.

"I'm excited. I was just telling my daughter I wish her grandmother was still alive and my father alive to see this transformation of the city," said life-long Detroiter Will

Dozens of Detroit students are also going to give the space a unique look. They'll be painting the pavement.

"When we build things for the city we're building it for people that are going to live in here the future. These are young people, and in order to engage them in a way and make them feel as if they have a voice," said artist Sabrina Nelson.

If you're worried about what it will do to traffic, the city says they've thought of that too.

"We actually expect that traffic on Jefferson will flow much more successfully," Cox said.

The conversion is happening quickly -- the plaza is set to open Monday morning.

It will be in place all summer long. If people love it, the city says they will consider making it a permanent fixture.