Stellantis donates $4M to Detroit Southeastern HS for manufacturing programs from IT and robotics to welding

Stellantis is donating $4 million to build a new Advanced Manufacturing Career Academy for Detroit school district students.

"This is what it's about, investing in our youth," said Dr. Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District.

"Through our partnership with the district and Detroit at Work, we have invested, at Stellantis, $4 million dollars to bring Southeastern High School Advance Manufacturing Academy to life," said Christine Estereicher, Stellantis.

On Wednesday the partners announced the completion of phase one of the new academy, as work gets underway on phase two. 

"We are just completing phase one, where students have access to an IT course, revamped classrooms that modernize classrooms for the IT experience," Vitti said. "As we move forward, students will be able to take classes in welding, machinery, robotics." 

Students say they're already seeing the impact of the training.

"At first I didn't know anything about manufacturing now I have a better understanding," said student Madison Johnson. "I did not really know what its purpose was, or how it worked. But now I have a better understanding."

As students are introduced to this high-tech education and training, the doors open for job opportunities after they finish school.

"For us at Stellantis, we hope that they will consider us as a place to start their employment journey," said Estereicher.