Sterling Heights PD swears in new K9 officer - a puppy named Ivy

The Sterling Heights Police Department has welcomed its newest crime fighting member of the force. Canine officer Ivy, a 3-month-old dutch shepard, has been recruited to help keep drugs and suspects off the street.

She was officially sworn in at City Hall Tuesday night.

Along with Officer Darren Steele, she'll help keep the peace and keep residents safe.

"It's exciting, to start from scratch again," Officer Steele says. "The one I have right now is about 10 and a half years old, so he's getting up there in age. [He] still works good but getting close to retirement. Starting over fresh with a new dog is always a challenge."

Officer Steele's current crime fighting partner is named Blitz, who's getting ready for retirement after more than a decade on duty. 

Once Ivy's training is complete, she'll also join another four-legged officer named Chase on the job.