Stolen car used in burglaries at 2 Detroit restaurants

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Detroit police need your help tracking down two thieves who stole a car and then used the car to continue their crime spree and break in to several businesses.

Things were looking up for small business owner Mary Beth Carolan. Her company, "What Up Dough", just saw an increase in orders for her frozen cookie dough and ice cream sandwiches for the holiday season. But late last month the vehicle she uses to make deliveries was stolen in the middle of the night.

"The vehicle was purchased this summer after selling ice cream sandwiches to run my business out of because we do distribution to 16 different stores in Detroit and Ann Arbor. We don't have a retail location so the vehicle was a key component of the business," Carolan said.

Police stepped in and started their investigation and that's when they realized Carolan's vehicle, a silver 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, was used in the breaking and entering at Bucharest Grill in the 1600 block of Michigan Avenue. The break-in happened just a few hours after it was stolen on November 24th. Police say once inside the crooks took money and then you see them drive away in the stolen Jeep.

A few weeks later, the suspects decide to continue their crime spree at the restaurant's other location in the 2000 Block of Park Avenue in Detroit

"On 7 of December I received another case regarding another burglary, attempted burglary, at the Bucharest Grill in downtown Detroit. I retrieved that surveillance and it was the same vehicle that was used in the previous one." Detroit Police Det. Michael Pacteles said.

"(They're) obliviously not proud of what they did wore mask." Farrok Sabeti, owner of, Bucharest Grill, said. "If you're not proud of what you do, don't do it."

When Carolan realized her vehicle was being used to commit crimes her heart sank. Police say they want to catch these crooks before they strike again.

"In both videos, the suspects are the same build The main suspect we're looking for is a heavyset black mal wearing light colored clothes. His hands were covered, his face was covered. He was with a smaller, skinner male, unknown age," Pacteles said.

If you have any information on the stolen Jeep or suspects contact police at 313 596 5156.