Stormy Daniels set for appearance tonight in Detroit

The adult film star made famous by her accusations of an affair with President Donald Trump is set to make an appearance Wednesday night in Detroit. 

After her explosive interview on "60 Minutes", appearances on late night TV and much applause on "The View" this week, Stormy Daniels will be signing autographs and perform on stage at Truth Detroit Gentlemans Club. 

She's currently on a national strip-club tour, and this is the third go at it for her appearance here in Detroit after the former two were canceled for various reasons. While she's getting more attention after alleging the affair with Trump, Daniels said, much of the experience has been "downright scary," adding that her daughter needs a tutor and she has engaged bodyguards.

Earlier this week, she appeared on "The View" to unveil a sketch of the man she says threatened her in a Las Vegas parking lot to stay quiet about her affair with Trump.  Upping the stakes, her attorney, Michael Avenatti, pledged a $100,000 reward for information leading to the man's identification.

While the internet scrambled to identify the man added to the circus atmosphere surrounding the president's legal troubles, the development also kept a spotlight on what Trump views as an increasingly serious threat: the federal investigation into his longtime image protector.

Daniels says that Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, paid her $130,000 just before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her relationship with the GOP nominee. The case took on new significance last week when FBI agents raided Cohen's office, looking for information on topics including the payment to Daniels. Both Daniels and Cohen were in court in New York City on Monday, as a U.S. District judge heard debate over what should happen to those records.

On Tuesday, Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, said she was speaking out because she was "done being bullied."

Daniels, currently on a national strip-club tour, said she has gained fame from her alleged encounter with Trump but "this isn't what I want to be known for." She also said she did not name her tour "Make America Horny Again" - a play on Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan. She called it "cheesy" and said the idea came from one of the clubs where she made an appearance.

The Associated Press contributed to this report