Stranger saves dogs from drowning after floodwaters fill basement of Grosse Pointe Farms home

A Grosse Pointe Farms woman was away from her home giving birth Friday as her basement started filling with water.

Lori Kersch's mother was watching her house and dogs, Monte and Gus, who were caged downstairs when water made its way inside and started filling the dogs' cages.

"I went and checked the basement. At this point, I don't even know how much water there was," Linda Kersch said. "I ran back upstairs and I yelled, ‘Can somebody help me?’"  

Linda Kersch screamed on the porch at 2 a.m., hoping someone would hear her pleas and save the dogs. A stranger heard her and rushed to save the dogs from the rising water.

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"I said, ‘Just help me, help me.’ And he did," Linda Kersch said. "I want to say he really was an angel."

The family is hoping to find out who the stranger was so they can thank him in person.

In the meantime, Lori Kersch has been preoccupied with her new baby, Edmund, and hasn't had a chance to survey the damage.

"This is a pretty significant setback, but we will get through it," she said.