Stray dog attacks couple while walking in Shelby Twp

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A couple viciously attacked while walking their dog in Shelby Township.

The culprit was some type of canine but they aren't sure if it was a pet or a wild animal.

"I literally fainted, I passed out for a couple minutes," said Grzegorz Kociecki. "I didn't know what happened."

Bandaged and stitched up, this Shelby Township neighbor was shaken up Monday after he says an animal attacked him and his girlfriend while walking their dog.

"Got cut on my hand and my girlfriend's hand, she's got really bad bites on her arm," he said.

Shelby Township police say the couple was walking their dog near Janis and Harry streets Sunday morning. It was so early, that it was still dark out.

"After the first stop sign we were about to make a right and it just came out of nowhere," Kociecki said.

The Shelby Township man says he couldn't see well and the animal appeared to be a German Shepard or a coyote. He says it tried to attack his dog, Kilo.

Then, when trying to protect his dog, he says the animal turned on him, then his girlfriend. It bit their arms, scratching them and even bit his head until he says that he passed out.

"I think my dog kind of bit him or something and (it) just ran away," he said.

FOX 2: "Kilo helped you?"

"Yeah he did," Kociecki said.

Going home and calling 911, the couple then realized how bad their injuries were.

"My whole shirt, I got scratches on my back," he said. "It ripped my shirt up and it was all bloody."

Both recovering Monday with puncture wounds, scratches and bruises, this man says the animal ripped right through tendons in his girlfriend's wrist.

"It's pretty bad, I don't want that happening to a child or anything Kociecki said.

While police have searched the area haven't found the animal and say it's likely to be a stray dog.

"We have no reports of coyotes in that area," said Det. Lt. Jason Schmittler, Shelby Township police. "In the north end sure, but not in that area."

This owner and his girlfriend are feeling rattled, along with their dog, but grateful -- their best buddy was there to protect them both.