Stray pony caught on the streets of Detroit, owner a mystery

Who owns the small pony recently found wandering the streets of Detroit? That's what Detroit Police want to know after they caught the pony Tuesday morning.

Detroit Police handle all kinds of calls but this one might be the weirdest. The call from dispatch seemed a bit odd, to say the least, as the miniature horse was spotted on the city's west side.

"Caller says there is a brown miniature pony with a leash on it running up and down the street. Caller is trying to stop this pony," the dispatcher called out. 

The good news is that once police arrived, they were able to get the pony safely wrangled. But where it came from is a bit of a mystery and one they want to solve.

"No idea (where it came from) at this point. So we are looking for anyone if they know to call Detroit Rewards TV, 1-800-SPEAK-UP. Anything so we can reunite the family," said Detroit Police Assistant Chief Charles Fitzgerald.

Police eventually tracked the pony down a mile away at Grand River and Oakmen, where they lassoed the pony.

"Officers were able to get a little lasso around his neck and tie it to the bumper of the vehicle," Fitzgerald said. 

It was tied to the front of the scout car but Detroit Animal Control wasn't equipped for this kind of animal.

"Officers called mounted division and they came out with their trailer and the pony, horse, whatever it is - is comfortably in Clarkston, Michigan," Fitzgerald said. 

Until someone claims him, he’ll stay at Abraham Ranch under the watch of Michigan Humane - which couldn't have happened without the officers.

"They take it in stride they deer coyote fox we see all kinds of animals they are used to it by now," Fitzgerald said.