Student accused of posting threats against Waterford Mott High School on social media

Deity OrroaraLaurine Love (Oakland County Jail)

A student at Waterford Mott High School is facing charges after authorities say she posted shooting threats on social media.

Deity Orroara Laurine Love is accused of posting text messages that threatened a school shooting at Waterford Mott. Police learned about this post on Nov. 30.

Police said she originally attributed the text messages that she posted to a classmate. She also had made a Snapchat video where she told students not to go to school because the person she alleged sent the text messages may have a gun.


What is the punishment for making a school threat in Michigan?

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is reminding students of the serious consequences they face if they make a school threat.

However, Love eventually admitted that she made the story up, police said.

Love is charged with intentional threat to commit an act of violence against schools. She is out of jail on a $5,000 personal bond.

Police are urging parents to talk to their children after this case and another incident where a student at Grayson Elementary brought bullets to school. Authorities said a fifth grader brought two live bullets to the school. The student did not have any weapons.

"Threats and threatening statements should never be made, not even in a joking manner. If children see firearms or ammunition, anywhere, they should tell an adult," police said in a press release. 

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