Stunning photo of clouds that look like crashing ocean waves goes viral

Credit: Theresa Birgin Lucas

A Minnesota woman recently captured an incredible cloud formation that appeared to look like an ocean in the sky in a now viral photo.

Theresa Birgin Lucus of Bemidji was driving home on Highway 64 after a long week in Rochester when storm clouds began rolling in. In a Facebook post, Theresa explained that her daughter was at home and worried about her mother.

"She was freaking out and wanted to know how much longer it was before I got home, so I seriously snapped that photo and said ‘I’m close to Akeley,’" she wrote. 

According to KVRR, Theresa didn't even look at the photo until she got home and her daughter told her how cool it was! 


Credit: Theresa Birgin Lucas

"It seriously looks like the sky is going to unzip," Lucas told the news outlet.

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She posted it to social media where it immediately went viral. Theresa said she's been getting messages from viewers from across the world asking about the stunning image. 

"I should be giving credit to my fraidy cat daughter," Therese joked on Facebook.

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The social media reaction has been mixed, with some wondering if it was photoshopped while others are in awe of the seascape in the sky.

"I was just lucky to be in the right time at the right place. Not sure why but I was!" Theresa told FOX 35 News.

Theresa said she has since entered the photo into a contest at the Minnesota State Fair.