Summer is here and so is 21 day challenge

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This weekend we unofficially kick off summer. For anyone trying to get in shape for those summer shorts,  the secret weapon might be support.

Weight loss is a lot about numbers,  adding , subtracting, measurements and calories.

But there's another number to think about - strength in numbers when it comes to people who are on your team.

It makes a great difference when somebody is telling you that you can do it and don't give up. The help to keep going makes a big difference.

Joanne Graves from Southfield found support from our 21 Day Challenge Facebook group. She joined the group several years ago, and has since lost 35 pounds.

"Now my motivation is new - it's all about feeling good," she said. "Making sure I exercise and I keep my body feeling good so I can do what I need to do in life."

Our 21 Day Challenge includes our 5 Do's - 5 Don'ts.

The Do's:  

Lean proteins
Whole grains

The Don'ts:

Soda (diet and regular!)
White flour products
Fried foods
Optional don't: alcohol.

But beyond food, the Facebook support is a key part of this challenge.

"I felt so lucky when I ran across it on Facebook," Teresa Arnold said. "This a great group for cameraderie, accountablity to keep me on track with my fitness goals."

She joined the group a few years ago, lost weight and was so motivated she started motivating others and actually became a personal trainer.

"When you see people posting about struggles and I see those struggles as some of my own from one day to another if you can get motivation from someone else, it really helps out," Arnold said.

Jump on our Facebook page and join our 21 Day Challenge, that goes well beyond 21 days.

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