Supporters of 3 kids put in juvenile facility want judge removed

The judge who sent three kids to a juvenile facility for refusing to see their dad is facing a formal complaint by the Judicial Tenure Commission.

Oakland County Judge Lisa Gorcyca is accused of misconduct in the courtroom and lying to cover up her actions.

The outrage centers around Gorcyca's actions in the courtroom on June 24th. After FOX 2 first broke this story, it went viral as so many people were upset at how the judge acted.

Instantly social media action groups with members from across the country formed and it’s their efforts that may lead to Gorcyca getting disciplined, or even be removed.

"It made the news hit the internet, people around world were horrified and I was horrified," said Suzanne Thurman on Skype from Huntsville, Alabama.

Thurman was just as shocked as countless others across the country when Judge Lisa Gorcyca berated three Bloomfield Hills kids in court, held them in contempt for not wanting to have lunch with their father and ordered them locked away at Children's Village.

"I would be horrified if anyone talked to a child that way," Thurman said. "To see it happen in a courtroom coming from a judge, just seemed beyond the pale."

But instead of sitting back, Thurman decided to do something about it. She co-founded "Tsimhoni Revisited" a social media support group seeking justice for the Tsimhoni kids and decided to file a grievance with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission. And she wasn't the only one.

"We live in a democracy, a participatory democracy and we need to take advantage of that privilege," Thurman said. "And make our voices known."

It appears the commission was listening. Investigators read the transcripts and saw the court room video where Gorcyca is accused of telling the kids:

-They would be locked away in jail until they were 18.

-Forced to go to the bathroom in public.

-Comparing the oldest to a member of Charlie Manson's cult.

-Circling her finger around her temple as if to indicate the oldest child was crazy, which left the youngest child visibly shaken.

In a rare move, the commission filed a formal complaint against Judge Gorcyca for allegedly mistreating the children and misrepresenting the law.

FOX 2 legal analyst Charlie Langton weighed in on the investigation.

"Anytime you are investigated by the Judicial Tenure Commission, it's serious," Langton said. "A judge could lose her job."

What could do Judge Gorcyca in - she allegedly lied to the Judicial Tenure Commission.

The complaint states when she responded to the allegations, Gorcyca claimed the circular motions she made by her temple were referring to the forward movement the oldest son would make in therapy. And she denied finding the kids in contempt for not spending time with their father.

The commission said both were false.  Why? Investigators saw that courtroom video.

"What is really crucial in this case is whether Gorcyca lied to the Judicial Tenure Commission," Langton said. "I don't know that she did. Judges, judicial tenures, the Supreme Court, they don't like lying especially from a judge."

In court Wednesday the attorney for the mother, Maya Tsimhoni, asked in light of the formal complaint if Gorcyca could remove herself from this case. Gorcyca said she would take it under consideration.

Gorcyca will now face a hearing of her own where her attorney told FOX 2 the whole story will come out.

The Supreme Court ultimately hands down a possible punishment that ranges from discipline to removal of office.

"It was the first sign from a public entity that has the power to do something, is the first step forward

The Judicial Tenure Commission investigates 600 grievances a year  and on average only two formal complaints are filed.

After reunification therapy, the children were placed with their father and have not seen their mother in 175 days.