Survivor of Wendy's Drive-thru shooting: I'm not dying today

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Bullets fly at a Wendy's drive-thru in Detroit two people shot - and days after the crime, the gunman is still at large

One of the victims -- Rickey Brown, was shot four times and somehow survived says before the shooting, he was being followed by three cars -- for more than a half hour.

"They shot at us for 40 minutes, no police patrolling, no police to be found,"

He was the driver of a car shot at in the drive thru of a Wendy's Monday night on Grand River and Oakfield.

"We were getting something to eat, me and my cousins, in the drive-thru and a car pulled up beside us," he said. "And started shooting."

And that was just the beginning, after he was shot at by two men in a red minivan, he whipped onto Grand River toward Evergreen.

That's when another car, a silver Chevrolet Impala with two or three men inside, picked up the chase.

"While he's shooting at us he's hanging out the window," Brown said. "He's reloading the clips and getting back in the car."

Brown's two younger cousins, were also in his car. He says they were all unarmed. Driving at 150 miles per hour, they turned onto Lahser toward Seven Mile.

"I think some people's cars got shot at," Brown said. "Honestly because how they were shooting, and driving, his aim is not accurate.

Brown crashed into a fence.

"I did donuts, we hit the gate, we jumped out the car instantly (while) they were still shooting at us," Brown said.

He told his cousins to run for a liquor store, knowing he was the target. After that, another car, a light colored Pontiac G6 with three or four men inside, pulled up.

"That's when I run in the middle of Seven Mile, and he starts shooting at me six more shots," Brown said. "I get shot four times, and that's when I grab somebody's door handle and they drag me four blocks."

Brown hung onto a car handle, badly scraping his legs, the driver had children in the car and was too scared to stop. A good Samaritan later drove Brown to the hospital where he was treated. Two of the bullets narrowly missed vital organs.

"I can't die - not today," he said. "Not today, I'm dying of old age, that's what I thought about. I'm like, I'm going to die an old man with a cane. This can't be it."

Detroit police say they do have surveillance video of the shooting, but they do not have anyone available to release it at this time. They also do not have descriptions of the suspects.

Brown says the feud started over something to do with a girl on Instagram.

"I'm going to sit back and let God take care of this," he said. "You live by the sword you die by it."